Youth Transition Programs

Students in the 2016 JET program are pictured here in front of Sozo Trading Company, one of the local businesses in which the students worked.  The manager at Sozo reported that the students were great learners and were conscientious about their work.


The Youth Transition Program assists high school students with disabilities as they prepare for the transition from school to work.  There are several ways Workshops, Inc. provides transition services:

  • During the school year, Workshops, Inc. houses a Birmingham City Schools classroom. Led by Ms. Harper, students come from all of the Birmingham City High Schools to gain paid work experience in Workshops, Inc.’s Affirmative Business Enterprise. 
  • Also during the school year, Workshops, Inc. provides a fun, interactive and effective soft skills curriculum in local high schools. The program, Smart Work Ethics, includes 8 sessions that teach high school students the behaviors needed to be great employees. 
  • Each summer Workshops, Inc. provides a Job Exploration Training (JET) program for high school students with disabilities. In the JET program, students learn and practice job readiness skills and gain work experience in a variety of community businesses. 

Each of these programs is offered at no cost to the participants.  The criteria for participation include being actively enrolled with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, being able to meet self-care needs, and being in the last 1-2 years of high school (or a recent graduate still enrolled).  For more information, contact Pam Curry, Assistant Director of Programs. 

Our thanks to Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Burlington Coat Factory and SoZu Trading Company for helping these great kids get some great experience!