We're looking for a Program Specialist II

Workshops, Inc. is looking for someone to join our Programs team. The job requires a Bachelor's degree is a related field, preferably a Master's degree plus at least 2 years experience in vocational rehabilitation, rehabilitation counseling, job development or closely related field. A full job description, plus how to apply, is here.

Avondale Mercantile

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Workshops, Inc. offers local outsourcing solutions across all industries and businesses. With an available work force of enthusiastic associates, we handle the assembly, packaging and fulfillment needs of local companies so that they can maximize profits and achieve scale on a cost-effective basis.

But why tell you when we can show you? This video will tell you all about it!

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Here at Workshops, we often joke (not happily) that Workshops is the oldest non-profit in Birmingham that you've never heard of.

We are working hard to change that image!