They're back! One of the most loved products at Avondale Mercantile,  these decorative and practical fire starters are going to be exactly what you need as the temperatures fall and the nights get shorter.

To get yours, just stop by Alabama Goods, or stop by Workshops. They are available for purchase at our front desk.

Avondale Mercantile, a program of Workshops, Inc., now offers a line of natural sprays. The products are made with essential oils and are designed to make your stinky dog less stinky and to keep the bugs from biting.

Stinky Dog Sprays

     Two sprays are to help make your best friend easier to be around - they are sprays for stinky dogs! One is Lavender and Lemongrass scented; the other is Rosemary Eucalyptus. Both contain coconut oil, which is great for your best friend's skin

Room and Linen Sprays

Sprintz on linens, furniture and rugs. One brings a fresh and relaxing scent, the other brings a fresh energizing scent..

Bugg Off Spray

    Finally, what everyone who loves the outdoors but hates being besieged by mosquitoes and other flying foes needs - bug spray! The active ingredient in our spray is more effective than deet, but is natural, smells pleasant, and doesn't make your skin feel sticky. Look for our products in your local gift stores, or order them here to pick up at Workshops, Inc.


Products produced by Avondale Mercantile are made by people with disabilities and other barriers to employment right in the heart of Avondale, Alabama. Your purchase provides job training and ongoing employment opportunities for the people we serve.

Since 1900, Workshops, Inc. has provided job training and employment opportunities by doing work for other businesses. Avondale Mercantile is the next step in the evolution of Workshops, Inc. and allows us to produce our own products to sell in the community.

Our Vision

We will always be there to serve the Greater Birmingham business community with business solutions. But we also recognize the value of having our own brand and product line. Our vision is that Avondale Mercantile becomes a recognized, trusted brand name for a variety of products made right here in Birmingham.